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Refurbished and Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps Service

For many business that’s we service, vacuum pumps are one of the most important pieces of equipment. Many people even say that they’ve become so indispensable to petroleum enterprises and other industries that any sudden failure can severely impact operations. Hence, you should always strive to keep your vacuum pumps in good working condition.

Our skilled team at Meters Inc. has services for vacuum pump repair for over 40 years. A professional team can refurbish and rebuild any vacuum pump, no matter how decrepit it may be. Contact us at (734) 415 6308 to receive a complimentary quote for your next vacuum repair and refurbishment.

What Are Vacuum Pumps and Where Are They Used?

Vacuum pumps are machines used to remove gas and air particles from a sealed chamber to create a space that is either partially or entirely devoid of such particles.

These pumps are also commonly integrated into petroleum equipment, packing and bottle-filling machines, component driers, and pick and place robots. They are likewise used in flight instruments, print presses, trash compactors, milking machines, and many other commercial apparatuses.

Due to their versatility and utility, vacuum pumps have seen wide-scale applications in the food, beverage, electronics, medical, and petroleum industries.

Benefits of Refurbishing or Rebuilding Vacuum Pumps

Refurbishing or rebuilding refers to the process of restoring an item back to its original state or condition. While you can choose to buy new vacuum pumps, there are advantages to refurbishing the ones you already have.

Cost Efficiency

A major perk in rebuilding your existing vacuum pumps is that it’s notably cheaper than buying new ones. A brand-new vacuum pump can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, refurbishing a pump will only cost you a fraction of the price, especially if the extent of damage is not severe.

We at Meters Inc. offer our clients affordable refurbishing packages. Furthermore, our team will replace all damaged components and restore your unit to mint condition. Hence, you won’t have to worry about spending more on future repairs.

Restored Performance

All pieces of equipment degrade and malfunction over time. The same applies to vacuum pumps, especially those used for prolonged periods. The pumps’ exhaust and oil mist filters can break, and their unchanged oil can cause overheating. Fortunately, you don’t have to throw away your old vacuum pump just because it has these problems.

Meters Inc.’s refurbishment services include repairing or replacing damaged filters as well as an oil change. Furthermore, our team can conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no other underlying problems and that your vacuum pump will provide optimum performance again.

Unhampered Operations

Petroleum companies use vacuum pumps in field gas boosting, oil recovery expeditions, and digester gas recovery, among other processes. That’s why it’s essential that these pumps continue to function flawlessly. By refurbishing your vacuum pumps, you can rest assured that they will continue to serve your business well for years to come.

Moreover, we at Meters Inc. offer a fast rebuilding and refurbishment service. Our team will assess your pump’s condition, disassemble it, make the necessary repairs, and rebuild it quickly, so you won’t experience long operational downtimes.

Our team will likewise ensure that the meteorological integrity of your pump is retained so that it can continue working even under heavy loads.

Meters Incorporated: Top Provider of Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps

Meters Inc. excels in several areas that make us the best choice to refurbish or rebuild your vacuum pumps.

Industry Experience

For over forty years, Meters Inc. has been supplying equipment and providing rebuilding services to petrol industry clients.

Throughout the decades, we have built solid connections with not only our customers but also valuable distributors and other industry-related enterprises. Our team has likewise accumulated vast training and experience-based knowledge, giving us access to many best practices.

Well-Trained Technicians

We at Meters Inc. make sure that our technicians receive complete training before they’re allowed to handle vacuum pump refurbishment. Each member of our team knows the parts of a vacuum pump by heart and can rebuild a challenger vacuum pump back to factory condition.

Should any of our staff need assistance, we partner with a local machine shop owner who can provide barrel precision measurement and test out rebuilt vacuum pumps.

High Quantity and Quality Supplies

As a leading supplier of petroleum equipment, Meters Inc. has an abundance of tools and parts needed to refurbish your vacuum pump. All the vacuum pumps we refurbish get brand-new bearings, seals, and carbon fiber veins. Moreover, all of the parts we install meet or exceed applicable industry standards. Hence, you won’t face any issues of unavailability or lack of quality.

Fast Turnaround Time

At Meters Incorporated, we know how much our clients value time. Thus, we strive to give them a fast yet uncompromised service. Upon getting a service order, our team quickly collects the necessary parts and starts working on your vacuum pump. Our experience and efficient process allows us to offer an average turnaround time of just one week for each unit we rebuild.

Contact Meters Incorporated Today

Vacuum pumps are crucial to the operations of many enterprises, such as those engaged in the petroleum business. Hence, any malfunctioning or old unit should be refurbished or rebuilt to avoid excessive expenses, performance issues, and potential downtimes.

If you’re searching for a professional to refurbish your units, Meters Inc. is a great option. Aside from our industry experience, we also offer the best technicians, materials, and turnaround time. Get your vacuum pumps refurbished today by calling us at (734) 415 6308 or filling out our contact form.

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