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What is the Main Cause of Vacuum Pump Failure?

Vacuum pumps and the systems in which they operate are used extensively in various types of plants and industrial facilities, including those in the petroleum processing and production industry. The proper sizing and selection of vacuum pumps is essential – just as much as establishing the right specifications for these pumps. Through a proper understanding of how vacuum pumps work in conjunction within an overall system, operators can determine what can cause them to fail and how to ensure their uninterrupted function. At Meters Inc., we are your source for remanufactured vacuum pumps for the petroleum industry.

Essential Features of a Proper Functioning Vacuum Pump System

Several factors determine the level of performance of a vacuum pump and system. These include the temperature, suction load, rate of leakage, among other process variables such as the suction gas composition. A routine inspection of a vacuum system and its accessories is essential, such as equipment for leakage and downstream and upstream piping which play a significant role in vacuum pump system performance.

Causes of Vacuum Pump Failure

It is important to determine the cause of vacuum pump failure or any type of performance decline. Below we look at some of the most common reasons for failures in vacuum pumps.

One of the most frequent reasons why vacuum pumps fail is contamination from solvents which are used to wash out engine compartments after maintenance operations.

Here are some other causes of vacuum pump failure:

  • Internal corrosion as the result of worn or loose seals
  • Contamination resulting from liquid or gas getting inside the pump
  • Carbon contamination
  • Oil contamination
  • Wear and tear or inadequate maintenance on the pump which results in mechanical failure
  • A kinked airline, or dirty central vacuum filter, or another type of obstruction or construction which causes excessive stress as the vacuum pump is forced to work harder than normal
  • Improper pump installation

At Meters Inc., the remanufactured vacuum pumps we offer are built to exceptionally high standards to help ensure optimum, long-lasting performance.

To learn more about the remanufactured vacuum pumps and other petroleum industry equipment we offer, call us today at 734.532.4124 or reach us through our contact form.

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