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Why Choose the Remanufacturing of Petroleum Equipment

Various businesses and organizations can benefit tremendously from the remanufacturing industry, including those that utilize petroleum equipment. Generally, remanufactured equipment rivals original equipment in terms of quality while priced substantially lower. Remanufactured petroleum equipment is also more energy efficient and eco-friendly in many cases than it was in its original condition. At Meters Inc., we are your source for remanufactured petroleum equipment at optimum quality and low prices.

What is Remanufacturing?

The process of remanufacturing involves the disassembly of equipment parts and components with those components then sandblasted with SB100 military grade.

Any core material is disassembled, cleaned, closely inspected against original equipment specifications, with replacement parts made to replace any that are worn or damaged. The equipment or components are then rebuilt with new seals and gaskets then placed through quality and functionality testing. Equipment is placed in provers and/or testing equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards.

Premier Quality

In order to ensure the remanufacturing process results in equipment that meets the quality standards followed by many OEM’s, products are placed through testing, trouble-shooting, and certain manufacturing techniques.

Increased Profit Margin

Remanufacturing of petroleum equipment is often a more cost-effective option than purchasing new equipment or buying expensive new parts on your own. You can increase your profit margin and maintain the necessary quality through remanufacturing services.

Minimize Operating Expenses

Using remanufactured petroleum equipment translates into fewer calls for repeat service, fewer complaints from customers, and less repair work.

Equipment Improvements and Upgrades

When a part is remanufactured, it often undergoes engineering improvements as part of the process. This means the remanufactured part is upgraded from the original part in one or more of its design features. This helps ensure the highest standards of equipment performance and energy efficiency.

Minimize Downtime

With remanufactured equipment or parts, you won’t have to wait for the delivery of new OEM equipment or parts. You can often receive a remanufactured piece of equipment or part sooner and reduce the downtime of your operations.

For more information about the remanufactured petroleum equipment we offer at Meters Inc., give us a call today at 734.532.4124 or send us a message through our contact form.

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