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What Is an LC Flow Meter?

Liquid controls (LC) flow meters measure viscosity fluids in the low to high range with exceptional accuracy. As fluid passes through the flow meter, it is directly measured. These meters are ideal for custody transfers of gasoline, oil, and other refined fuels. At Meters Inc., we are your source for LC flow meters that function effectively for petroleum and other liquid measurement applications.

Choosing a Flow Meter

Flow meters are precision measuring devices that use various technological features to quantify the volume or rate of a moving liquid in a closed or open conduit. The application should primarily determine the proper flow meter.

When selecting a flow meter, it is important to also consider factors such as history of time between failures, availability of spare parts, plant personnel familiarity, and personnel experience with maintenance and calibration.

LC Flow Meter Accuracy

Many industrial facilities depend on the accurate measurement of liquid flow. In some cases, accurate flow measurements in plant operations determine profit or loss. In other cases, an improper measurement of liquid flow can lead to significant issues or even catastrophic consequences.

Through the application of Liquid Controls’ distinctive positive displacement metering principle, including changing operating conditions in the form of pressure, viscosity, and temperature, meters can deliver superbly accurate results.

Operation of a LC Positive Displacement Flow Meter

These meters operate on a consistent basis through the separation of liquid into exactly measured increments. A connection register is used to count each segment. Automatic accounting and dosing applications often utilize positive displacement units since each increment denotes a discreet volume. Volumetric flow meters are perfect devices where a simple mechanical flow meter system is needed for measuring viscous liquid flow.

The factors affecting the expected service life and maintenance requirements of a flow meter are several. They include using the right meter instrument for the relevant application. All flow meters eventually require maintenance, however, those with no moving parts generally require less maintenance than those that do.

To learn about the LC flow meter we offer at Meters Inc., call us today at 734.532.4124 or use our contact form to leave us a message.

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