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Choosing the Best Type of Flow Meter for Your Application

Flow meters are vital and versatile features of fluid handling systems. They are needed in everything from water treatment applications to chemical production and provide a dependable and accurate reading, a way to monitor efficiency, and a means to identify potential plumbing system issues. Therefore, choosing the right type of flow meter for your application is essential. Meters Inc. offers an array of liquid control flow meters to provide customers with reliable accuracy and long-term durability for operations.

The wrong meter can result in system inefficiencies and inaccuracies, along with unnecessary higher costs.

Flow Meter Considerations

There is a wide variety of flow meters available, and no two types of meters are exactly alike. There are several considerations to make when choosing your flow meter if it is to carry out the intended purpose. These include:

Accuracy & Repeatability

Some of the most important considerations when choosing a flow meter involves accuracy and repeatability. The better the accuracy, the closer the measurement to the true value moving through a system. This value is expressed as percentage – such as +/- 2% – representing the percentage difference between the calibrated parameters of the meter and the meter’s output. Greater accuracy comes with lower percentages.

Repeatability is also important or even more important. It involves the production of similar outcomes under the same conditions. The reliability of accuracy is based on its consistency. Without high accuracy, repeatability is not possible. But without repeatability, high accuracy is not possible.

Type of Fluid

As another important factor in the selection of the right flow meter, the type of fluid falls into four categories – liquid, gas, vapor, and slurry. Each type of fluid has its own characteristics. If your application processes or conveys multiple fluid types, you will need a flow meter that works well with all fluid types.

Location and System Configuration

The configuration of the system and its location are also determining factors in the selection of a flow meter. Regarding location, where will the flow meter be installed – outdoor exposed to the elements or indoors in a protected environment. The size and space of the area in which the flow meter will be installed are factors. By determining where and how to install a meter, it can save you on unintended costs and installation time.

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