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How Reconditioning, Rebuilding, Recycling, and Remanufacturing Give Petroleum Equipment New Life

Petroleum equipment which is reconditioned, rebuilt, recycled, or remanufactured provides benefits to the end user in one way or the other. These avenues of making equipment suitable for use once again provides economic benefits and a waste reduction benefit. It also provides a production benefit – something which customers are often seeking. At Meters Inc., we are your source for a wide range of remanufactured petroleum equipment for various applications.

Reconditioned Petroleum Equipment

When petroleum equipment is reconditioned, the goal is to have it look brand new and work like new. Reconditioning replaces many old parts with new ones. Once reconditioned, the equipment is tested, and the cosmetic features are also addressed with a warranty included.

Rebuilt Petroleum Equipment

The rebuilding process fixes or replaces worn out parts that make up pieces of equipment. The purpose of rebuilding is to get the equipment functioning again, but no warranty should be expected.

Remanufacturing Petroleum Equipment

Remanufacturing is a different process than repairing or recycling. It involves the total dismantling of the worn-out equipment, a thorough cleaning and restoration,and often an upgrading of parts and components. Finally, the equipment is reassembled. The product is just like new or better. Despite the extensive nature of remanufacturing petroleum equipment, it still uses fewer raw materials and energy than producing a brand-new item from scratch.

Recycled Petroleum Equipment and Parts

Recycling petroleum equipment can be done by selling the equipment as you prepare to upgrade to newer equipment. You can determine what you can sell it for by evaluating factors such as its current marketability, its age, and the costs to recondition the equipment and transport it to the buyer. Even if you can only sell it for the worth of its parts, you can invest the money from the sale back into your petroleum business. You can also use recycled parts if your existing equipment only needs certain parts replaced.

Cost Analysis – Buy New vs. Other Options

Buy a new piece of petroleum equipment is going to cost more than reconditioning, rebuilding, or remanufacturing the same equipment. When the monthly costs of repairing or rebuilding are consistently greater than the cost of buying a newer unit, then replacement is preferred. Reconditioning and remanufacturing can save you on costs and give you a solid warranty and potentially better technology and functionality than the original unit.

For information about the various remanufactured petroleum equipment we offer at Meters Inc., call our team today at 734.532.4124 or complete our contact form.

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